Reveiw: Bluetooth Earplugs by Plugfones

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Plugfones Eric Aune Mechanical HubBluetooth earplugs? When I first learned of the Plugfones NRR earplugs I had no idea they were built for playing music but rather thought they were a some sort of powered noise-cancelling protection device. I was pleased to find out I was wrong, because you know, music while I work.

I’ve been using the Plugfones “Liberate” model of Bluetooth earplugs with music for a little over a month.

If you’re not familiar these ear-buds offer a certified noise reduction rating (NNR) of 25db. As far as I know there are no other earplugs w/ music on the market with a NNR rating.

I’ve got the 18″ model, a 14.5″ model is available and it offers a mic for phone call use. The 18″ model does not. Battery life is rated for up to 8 hours. The integrated remote houses a 220mAh battery, stop/play, skip and volume control buttons.

Charging is done via a contact docking USB cord. Carry case and replacement foam earplugs are included as well. I use the silicone earplugs on mine, I find them more comfortable and convenient.

You can order these online thru multiple retailers or directly from Plugfones. Cost is $99 and justifiable if you’re in need of NNR hearing protection. I have no reason to believe these will not last me for a long time. Sound quality is on par with any other lower cost wireless ear-buds I have owned or used in the past.

Wired Plugfones are also available and cost significantly less. The average price I’ve seen the wired models at stores in my area has been $20.00. If you’re in need of certified volume-limited ear buds they’ve got you covered with their “Contractor VL ” model that keeps the volume level of the Plugfones speakers at or below 82 dB per OSHA standards. “VL” signifies volume-limiting and is only available in the wired models.

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