ProStaff Review: Milwaukee MX FUEL Pipe Threader MXF512

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Until now pipe threading with a battery-powered tool was limited to handheld machines, just one step away from their manual predecessors. While extremely useful and massively powerful, powered handheld threaders are best suited for repairs, small jobs and threading in-place.

Production threading for electrical, plumbing, heating or gas piping demands heavier tools however, tools that require stationary setup and significant power supply. Milwaukee seems to have changed that with their newest addition to the MX FUEL line of light equipment, the MXF512 Threading Machine.

During a recent trip to the WWETT trade show in Indianapolis I got my hands on the MXF512 threader and talked with a representative closely involved in engineering and design of the battery powered pipe threader. Please take a look at the video from the event.

For full specs and additional info check out this listing from our tool box page.

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