Noritz Acquires Peerless Boiler

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We’ve learned from an outside source Noritz, founded in 1951 as Noritsu Bath company a leading manufacturer of tankless water heaters in Japan but since has changed their name to Noritz, has acquired the entire interest of US boiler manufacturer PB Heat, LLC (Peerless Boiler). This news has been made public just as we learned of the ambitious move by Noritz to offer a 25 year warranty on four models of their tankless lineup, see that information here: Plumbing Perspective Industry News: Noritz Warranty

In a press release out of Japan it is stated that “Noritz is focusing on expanding sales of its main tankless water heater, heating water heater, and commercial water heater, with China, North America and Australia as their priority areas.


“According to this case, Noritz will further promote the expansion of heating and commercial products.

Google was used to translate the press release from a Japanese website publishing the news event. A screenshot of the translation is included here.

We’ve reached out to Noritz America for information regarding this news, a letter from Noritz President & COO was shared. You can read that here: Noritz Announcment. An official news release has not been shared in the US market yet at the time of this publishing. Further information to follow as it is made available.

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