MX FUEL Threading Machine

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MX FUEL Threading Machine

The following information was provided to MH directly from Milwaukee Tool.

MILWAUKEE, WI – Milwaukee Tool is resetting the standard in pipe threading performance with the industry’s first cordless threading machine. The new MX FUEL™ Pipe Threading Machine harnesses the power of MX FUEL™ Equipment System’s* REDLITHIUM™ batteries to detach operators from power outlets on the job site, allowing threads to be made wherever its most convenient. In addition to the improved design, this new cordless pipe threading machine enables the easiest transportation and fastest set up to clean up, even in remote sections of the jobsite.

“Through our relentless user research, we found clear inefficiencies and significant opportunities to improve job site workflow on jobs requiring large amounts of threading,” said John Karl Jarzombek, Product Manager for Milwaukee Tool. “Historically, corded machines have forced operators to setup and stay near a power source, wasting time walking back and forth on the job site. With the MX FUEL™ Pipe Threading Machine we have freed operators from a power source while also optimizing the design for onsite transportation to enable contractors to move the machine with them as they work. The durable job site cart makes it easier than ever to thread at each point of install or remote areas of the job site and having a self-contained oil reservoir eliminates the need to move messy bucket oilers separate from the machine. All of these innovations ultimately provide operators increased efficiency and the most productive onsite threading experience.”

The MX FUEL™ Pipe Threading Machine comes equipped with the new Milwaukee NPT Pipe Threading Die Head with Micro-Adjust which enables the easiest, most controlled die adjustments and the auto release mechanism controls the thread length. The pipe threading machine is ideal for use with Milwaukee’s new line of Universal Pipe Threading Dies and compatible with other universal style dies.

For easy transportation onto and around the job site, the MX FUEL™ Pipe Threading Machine features a collapsible cart, built with gas springs to assist the tool up to working height and the integrated wheels allow for easy transportation over uneven surfaces. When moving the machine, the self-contained oil reservoir keeps oil within the basin and eliminates the need to drain the oil. Additionally, the reservoir minimizes the mess created by the threading process by removing the need for a bucket oiler, providing the cleanest threading experience available. For jobs requiring threading and grooving, the machine’s rear hammer chuck enables a quick transition and connection of roll grooving attachments without teardown or use of additional adapters. Milwaukee’s pipe threading machine reduces set up and clean up time to under one minute.

Once set up on site, the pipe threading machine provides the power to thread up to 2” black iron pipe, stainless steel, rigid metal conduit (RMC) and more. When paired with the included MX FUEL™ REDLITHIUM™ XC406 battery packs, the threading machine allows for all day runtime, delivering up to (140) cut, reamed, and threaded ¾” pipe ends per pack. Once the job is complete, the machine can be stored upright without spilling, reducing the overall storage footprint.

The MX FUEL™ Pipe Threading Machine joins Milwaukee’s pipe threading tools as another industry first. The machine eliminates inefficient steps of onsite threading and allows the operator to streamline their workflow. The new MX FUEL™ Pipe Threading Machine is fully compatible with the entire MX FUEL™ Equipment System and is a true testament to Milwaukee’s focus on investing in game-changing technology that truly delivers breakthrough solutions for users.

In addition, Milwaukee introduces their new line of Universal Pipe Threading Dies, designed for consistent quality threads in pipes. The pipe threading dies are stamped with size markings and alignment numbers for easy identification and allow for quick installation when placed into the die head, maximizing productivity on the jobsite. Offered in alloy, high speed, and high speed for stainless, the Milwaukee Universal Pipe Threading Dies are ideal for use with the Milwaukee® NPT Pipe Threading Die Head w/ Micro-Adjust and the MX FUEL™ Pipe Threading Machine, as well as compatible with other universal die heads.

*The MX FUEL™ Equipment System: This groundbreaking cordless system revolutionizes the light equipment market by delivering the performance, run-time, and durability demanded by the trades without the hazards associated with emissions, noise, vibration, and the frustrations of gas maintenance. Each of the solutions on the MX FUEL™ System go beyond the limitations of gasoline and power-cord units and operate off one completely compatible system all on the same battery. This is Equipment Redefined.


MX FUEL™ Pipe Threading Machine (MXF512-2XC)

  • Battery System: MX FUEL™
  • Pipe Capacity: 1/8” – 2”
  • Housing Material: All Metal Construction
  • Collapsible Cart: Yes
  • Dual Hammer Chucks: Yes
  • Micro-Adjust Die Head: Yes
  • Self-Contained Oil Reservoir: Yes
  • Self-Oiling: Yes
  • Equipment Warranty: 2 years
  • Battery Warranty: 2 years
  • ONE-KEY™ Compatible: Track and Manage

Kit Includes: (1) MX FUEL™ Pipe Threading Machine, (2) MX FUEL™ REDLITHIUM™ XC406 Battery Pack (MSFSC406), (1) MX FUEL™ Charger (MXFC), (1) Gallon Milwaukee Dark Thread Cutting Oil (49-08-5100), (1) NPT Pipe Threading Die Head w/ Micro-Adjust (49-16-5100), (1) ½”-¾” High Speed NPT Universal Pipe Threading Die (48-36-1203), (1) 1”-2” High Speed NPT Universal Pipe Threading Die (48-36-1204)

Milwaukee® Universal Pipe Threading Dies

½”-¾” ALLOY NPT Universal Pipe Threading Dies                                                  48-36-1201
1”-2” ALLOY NPT Universal Pipe Threading Dies                                                    48-36-1202
½”-¾” HIGH SPEED NPT Universal Pipe Threading Dies                                       48-36-1203
1-2″ HIGH SPEED NPT Universal Pipe Threading Dies                                          48-36-1204
½”-¾” HIGH SPEED FOR STAINLESS NPT Universal Threading Dies                  48-36-1205
1”-2” HIGH SPEED FOR STAINLESS NPT Universal Pipe Threading Dies            48-36-1206
Cutter Wheels for Universal Pipe Threading (4pc)                                                   48-36-1401

Additional Accessories

NPT Pipe Threading Micro Adjust Die Head                                                             49-16-5100
BSPT Pipe Threading Micro Adjust Die Head                                                           49-16-5103
Dark Thread Cutting Oil                                                                                             49-08-5100
Threading Jaw Inserts for Coated Pipe                                                                      49-16-5102
Threading Jaw Inserts                                                                                                49-16-5104

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