Milwaukee TRAPSNAKE Toilet Auger Kit

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Milwaukee 2576-21 TRAPSNAKE Toilet Auger Kit

First off let me say we have one of these on each of our trucks. They’ve been working very well. That said, they’re not perfect.

The 1/2″x6′ cable, like every other auger cable will start to rust after only a few uses. This shouldn’t be that big of an issue come this fall when Milwaukee releases their new anti-corrosion coated cables. The current TRAPSNAKE auger has a replaceable cable if it were to fail but it seems as though you’d really have to jam that thing in a tight bend to wreck it.

The power head is a low rpm, low torque drive motor. It’s not going to twist your arm off but it’s way nicer than the manual option in my opinion. The rubber boot on the business end seems like it protects the porcelain better than any other snake I’ve owned/used.

The kit will be shipped complete with an M12 charger (single slot, molasses speed), M12 battery (not the 4Ah pack shown here, it’s ships w/ a 2.0Ah pod) power head that can also attach to the urinal trapsnake, and of course the auger itself. An optional hand crank model is available for my Amish community maintenance friends if needed. This kit retails for about $150 US and can be found anywhere you buy “Team Red” tools. Check out my friends at for this and other tools to get the job done.

For more info about the entire TRAPSNAKE tool line visit this link: TRAPSNAKE

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