Makita Lunches New Line of Bits and Fastening Accessories

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Makita’s new Impact XPS™ is the industry’s new leading line of bits and fastening accessories. The new Impact XPS insert and power bits are designed to handle the high-torque demands of professional users in all trades, lasting up to 90-times longer than standard bits. For plumbing and mechanical contractors, Impact XPS is ideal for fixture installation, precise tightening of couplings, and mounting brackets.

Expertly engineered with exact fitment and a unique steel blend, Impact XPS bits are the ideal bit collection. They can withstand the hardest hitting impact drivers, drills and screwdrivers. Three unique features help eliminate common pain points of bits:

  • Exact Fitment – Precision machined bit tips fit screws with minimal variance, thereby minimizing wear on the bit and screw. This helps prevent screw head stripping (cam-outs).
  • Pulse Torsion Rings and Zone – Makita is the leading innovator of torsion zone technology in insert bits. The specially engineered pulse torsion rings and torsion zone help prevent the screwdriver bit from snapping.

Pulse torsion rings disperse impact energy through the torsion zone and off the bit tip. The torsion zone has been optimized to flex under load to transfer impact energy for improved bit life. The length combined with diameter is the special formula to create an optimized torsion zone.

  • Unique Steel Blend – The unique steel composition is engineered for increased durability to minimize stripping of screwdriver tips. The Impact XPS bits also feature a matte nickel surface for corrosion resistance.

The entire Impact XPS collection includes insert bits, bit holders, power bits, extensions, magnetic nutsetters, sockets, and socket adapters.

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