M18 Cutoff Saw #nps19

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M18 Cutoff Saw 2786-20Milwaukee announced the M18 Cutoff Saw (#2786-20) at the annual New Product Symposium #nps19.  With the power to cut reinforced concrete as well as all common metals, this saw is extremely versatile. At half the weight of most gas cut off saws and with no gas headaches like mixing fuel, difficulty starting, engine maintenance, and paying for fuel, this saw gives users a much better experience on the job.

The new M18 Cutoff Saw is incredibly light, at right around 10lbs with a HD 12.0 M18 battery. The cut depth is 3.4″ on a 9″ blade. The saw will ship with a fiber bonded disc and diamond grit segmented blade. The cutoff saw can be paired with the 4 gal. M18 Swtich Tank for OSHA compliant cutting of concrete under the Crystalline Silica Standard. Featuring Milwaukee’s ONE-Key connectivity system, you will be able to track and control the saw on and off the site.

This saw gets us into basements, occupied spaces and down in the hole where gas saw emissions are too dangerous for safe working conditions. Cut depth is less than a full-size 14″ gas saw sure but, its portability and power are a tremendous step forward with the added safety benefit of zero emissions. It should also be noted that with the elimination of gas also gone are the flooded carbs, non starters in the extreme cold and more that come standard with a well used gas cutoff saw.

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