Lochinvar Enhances KNIGHT Residential Boiler Series with Advanced Control & Efficiency

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Lochinvar is enhancing its top-performing high-efficiency condensing residential KNIGHT Fire Tube Boiler series with 95 percent DOE AFUE and advanced control functionality for optimized heating comfort.

Now in its fourth generation, the designed, engineered and assembled in the U.S.A. KNIGHT Fire Tube Boiler contains 13 models — seven wall-mount options (55,000 to 399,000 Btu/hr) and six floor-standing models (55,000 to 285,000 Btu/hr) — with turndown ratios of up to 10:1.

“Lochinvar’s engineering team does not rest on the success of a great product, and the KNIGHT Fire Tube Boiler evolution is proof of our relentless push to improve performance for homeowners and make installation and set up a snap for contractors,” said Dan Rettig, residential product manager at Lochinvar. “Whether a contractor is installing for new construction or performing a drop-in replacement on an older boiler system, the KNIGHT series has the flexibility and muscle to meet the space-heating demands of nearly any residential application. This is without a doubt the best KNIGHT boiler yet.”

To achieve cost-efficient performance and rugged reliability for homeowners, the KNIGHT Fire Tube Boiler is manufactured with high-quality components, including a corrosion-resistant stainless steel fire-tube heat exchanger and a negative regulation combustion system. Additionally, each KNIGHT boiler will be packaged with a variable-speed ECM circulator, which can save up to 90 percent on operational costs over a conventional circulator.

Every KNIGHT Fire Tube Boiler comes equipped with SMART SYSTEM, the industry’s most advanced boiler control system, which now includes the CON·X·US Remote Connect option and the LOCH-N-LINK® USB Programming feature. The Set-Up Wizard guides contractors through installation programming while Lochinvar’s exclusive CON·X·US Remote Connect option allows a technician or homeowner to monitor and manage the boiler from a mobile app.

Lightweight with a compact footprint and easy-to-access components, the entire series is designed to make installation, setup and serviceability straightforward for contractors. For instance, the KNIGHT Fire Tube Boiler features:

  • LOCH-N-LINK USB Programming with parameters uploaded from a thumb drive
  • Universal vent adapter, which allows for easy transition to multiple types of vent material
  • Variable-speed pump that increases system efficiency and reduces operational costs
  • Dual location parameter memory for quick and simple component replacement
  • Electrical outlet on the unit for a work light or condensate pump
  • Wall- and floor-mount options with top and bottom water connections.

For larger residential applications, KNIGHT Fire Tube boilers can be cascaded together for redundancy and may also be paired with an indirect water heater.

The high-efficiency condensing gas KNIGHT Fire Tube Boiler series first launched in 2005. Since its introduction and through four generations, the KNIGHT Fire Tube boiler has established a reputation for reliable performance among contractors.

For more information about Lochinvar, visit www.Lochinvar.com.

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