A Feel-Good Story & A Contractor Helping Out

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It seems no matter where you turn negative images and commentary surround us in our daily lives. With wars waging in multiple countries, the ever-present social media posts warning us that all the foods we have in our eric aune 2refrigerator are dead set on killing us, slowly, its almost as if there is no good news. I stumbled upon a good story though and I’d like to share it.

Over the last few days a Facebook friend of mine, Derek Lee [of Lee Plumbing, Thief River Falls, MN] had been sharing and posting updates of a project he was working on. At first glance I thought he was remodeling a basement bathroom in his own home. I admit skimming through most of my News Feed, often not fully realizing the depth or entire story behind all the pictures or status updates. The Lee Plumbing & Heating Facebook Timeline shows from beginning to end all the great work done by Derek and Stacy Lee in a project to remodel the bedroom and bathroom of a local teenage girl (Grace Woods) battling cancer. All the hard work and donated time culminated in an amazing space for Gracie to spend her last days with her family and friends.

Sarah Volpenhein, an author for the Grand Forks Herald wrote all about this project. You’ll want to read her article here: “Dream bedroom revealed for Thief River Falls teen with cancer”


Gracie Woods, 15, hugs her mother DeAnna Woods as she pulls up to her house while hundreds of people cheer and shoot confetti before she saw her dream room for the first time. Photo by Kile Brewer/Grand Forks Herald

I’d like to thank Derek and Stacy Lee of Lee Plumbing & Heating for their kindness and generosity. It would be great to see more stories like this every day, the Lee’s have put a smile on my face and hope this story will do the same for you!

If you have a story to share please contact us! We’re always looking for a reason to smile!

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