Last minute stocking stuffers!

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Need some last minute stocking stuffer ideas?

If you’re looking for some great gifts for a friend or maybe need to update your own tool collection I hope these stocking stuffer ideas will help you out. I have personally used and owned each of these tools and found all of them very useful. My work is typically boiler heating system installs, repairs and plenty of tankless water heater work as well. After twenty years of being a licensed master plumber I have owned so many tools, some good and some not so much. So if you or the one you’re shopping for does any type of plumbing, HVAC or electrical check this list out. If you find this list useful please share it with your friends on your preferred social media account!

Bring on the tools!

The best stocking stuffer ever!

The Wera ToolCheck PLUS in metric or Imperial is truly the Macgyver of all tools for the service tech and installer! This one tool replaces the need to carry most small socket sets, multiple bit tips, and adaptors for both. I carry the metric model (shown), there is a difference between it and the imperial but they have a lot in common as well.

Wiha 12-n-1 Ultra Screwdriver

Okay so maybe the Wiha Ultra 12-n-1 driver isn’t technically a multi-tool but this is definitely one of the best bit tip screwdrivers I have ever made room for in my bag. The handle feels the best! Wiha knows screwdrivers better than anyone in the market, give them a try because if you’ve never owned a Wiha I think you’ll be surprised.

FYI, use our Wiha Tools shopping link and our discount code: MHUB15 for a 15% discount at checkout. But don’t forget, you gotta use our link! 

Wiha Pico finish screwdrivers

To round out my list of favorites I would be a jerk for not bringing this solid deal on what I consider the best pack of control screwdrivers out there. Perfect feel and shaped handles, bit ends that fit and won’t strip, these are so nice! And as of right now they’re on sale for $15, that’s a solid deal so you might want to act fast. They ship out of Monticello, MN just twenty minutes from my shop!

Supco Magnetic Jumper

The Supco magnetic jumper is rated for 30 VAC and will make troubleshooting a breeze! I carry a few of these in my Veto MB and wouldn’t be without them ever again. When alligators are a pain or just won’t work these mag jumpers are sweet.

SEEK Thermal CompactPro thermal imager, a great stocking stuffer!

This is the thermal imager I’ve been carrying in my pocket for three years. This model is for an iPhone. The SEEK Thermal CompactPro thermal imager is hands-down my go-to infrared imager for troubleshooting and discovery. Simply plug it into your phone and the app automatically starts up allowing you to take video or pictures so fast and easy anyone could do it. As a bonus, the SEEK is powered off your phone, unlike others that seem to always have a dead battery when you need them. Thermal imaging unlocks some serious earning potential. This is an affordable imager and honestly I think its all any HVAC, boiler, electrician or plumbing tech needs.

Knipex Pliers Wrench Knipex Cobra Pump Pliers

Look no further. Without a doubt Knipex is the world leader in design, function and quality when it comes to pliers. The Knipex Pliers Wrench AND the Knipex Cobra pump pliers are the best pliers on the market. Period. Available in many sizes, these pliers will have you throwing out those old finger pinching, nut stripping, pipe gauging pliers after one use. I promise.

RIDGID Offset Pipe Wrench

No stocking stuffer list would be complete with what I would call RIDGID’s most useful wrench in the catalog. The offset pipe wrench is not a fad. This wrench design allows you to reach and work in tighter spots than any other pipe wrench. I love the 14″ and 18″ offset so much I got it tattooed on my forearm. Its the best damn pipe wrench there is imo. P.S. the 14′ will fit in a stocking, I checked. Just make sure to hang your stocking from a 16p nail or 2-1/2 construction screw.

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