Jones Stephens Drain Test Plug

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Jones Stephens, a World and Main Company, has launched a new disposable test plug which fits their existing line of residential shower drains. This test plug enables code required pressure testing of the drain- waste-vent system and wet testing of the shower liner membrane without the need of a separate testing device.

Andy Yanka, Jones Stephens’ Senior Director of Product Management shares, “our new product development team is laser focused on finding ways to save plumbers time and money and this innovation embodies that approach. We want plumbers to know that Jones Stephens products are designed specifically to make their lives better.”

The preinstalled plug is secured in place by the spud during construction and testing. Once all testing is complete and the finishing touches are being placed on the bathroom, the plug is easily removed with pliers and discarded.

Jones Stephens 2”x3” residential shower drains have many options available. Plastic and brass spuds, round and square snap-in or screw-in strainers, plus many different finish options.

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