Ford Transit Plumbing Van Build-Out

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This summer I made the move from a truck with a utility topper to a 2019 Ford Transit for my small plumbing and hydronic heating company. The mid-height, long wheel base Ford Transit is a huge upgrade of space for me but I want to get everything just right.

Organization has long been a strong point for me with my vehicles but mostly by complete necessity, the Transit could easily lend itself to a huge dump and go ride but having a place for everything and everything in its place will keep me moving from one project to the next quickly.

Although my build-out is not yet complete I thought I’d share a walk thru of what has been done so far. The 2019 Ford Transit has over 10 feet of interior floor space, 6 feet of headroom and ample lighting. Here’s a look at its current state, additional storage solutions to come soon.

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