First Look: Empire level em78.1

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Here’s a quick look at the Empire Level True Blue magnetic billet torpedo [model# em71.8] I got this from Acme Tools, cost is $19.89.

I wanted to try this because I’ve always had a hard time with the standard yellow vial in low light conditions. Maybe because I’m super colorblind, who knows? The blue color and vial design seem sharper than the vials in the Milwaukee billet torpedo in the last pic ($35). The Milwaukee level has a powder coat texture that makes it easier to hold onto compared to the super sleek and smooth surface of the Empire. I almost always wear dipped gloves that have a fairly grippy palm and I did almost drop this level a couple times throughout the day where I likely wouldn’t have with the red one.

It’s got three acrylic vials set to plumb, level, and 45-degrees, a fourth vari-pitch vial has graduated markings for slopes of 0.125-inch, 0.25-inch, 0.375-inch, or 0.5-inch per foot. Three powerful neodymium magnets give it strong holding power on ferrous surfaces such as pipes or conduit, and the upper V-groove makes positive contact with rounded surfaces.

I literally just got this on a couple days ago so I can’t attest to its durability or accuracy over long term use but I’d say the initial quality is high, hope this helps.


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