Emerson Updates Greenlee’s Industry-Leading Knockout Lineup

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Emerson (NYSE: EMR) Since 1928, trade professionals have depended on the innovative Greenlee knockout solutions for hole punching. Emerson is proud to introduce an entirely new family of knockouts by Greenlee that are made in the USA and are optimized for the widest range of materials and drivers. The next generation of Greenlee knockouts require fewer parts reducing the risk of loss, feature laser marking for quick part identification, and include unique die alignment markings for improved punching accuracy.

“Our 90-year legacy of providing optimal knockout solutions is evolving with technology,” said Rob Bentley, Product Manager for Greenlee Knockouts, Emerson. “The new knockouts are designed to better complement Greenlee’s growing range of knockout drivers while simplifying our offering, eliminating the need for various spacers and adapters to make the job easier.”

New offering features a knurled edge and dog-point tip for enhanced performance.

New Knockout System

The new knockouts can tackle up to 10-gauge mild steel, 12-gauge stainless steel, and can effortlessly handle aluminum, brass, copper fiberglass and plastics. The taller die design eliminates over-punching, preventing damage to parts. A knurled edge on the punches provide a better grip, while the draw studs feature a unique “dog-point” tip that prevents cross-threading while protecting the threads.

Reliable Greenlee Drivers

Professionals can select from a line of knockout drivers that can deliver up to 11-tons of punching force. In addition to manual ratcheting and hydraulic solutions, the Greenlee driver offers compact and battery-hydraulic drivers. LS50L2 and LS100X battery-hydraulic drivers have a rugged, patent-pending 360-degree rotating head and boast a maximum cycle time of 8-seconds allowing professionals to punch faster at any angle. A unique auto-stop/auto-retract feature detects punch completion and automatically stops and retracts the ram, protecting against damage to punch parts.

For more information and to view the new Greenlee Knockouts, visit Greenlee.com/Knockouts. Go to Greenlee.com/where-to-buy to locate a nearest dealer.

Greenlee is part of Emerson’s professional tools business, which includes RIDGID as well as the Klauke brands. Emerson’s professional tools offering provides the industry’s broadest portfolio of advanced, reliable tools and technologies for the mechanical, electrical and plumbing trades globally. Visit emerson.com/professionaltools for more information. For more information on Emerson, visit Emerson.com.

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