Cordless Pipe Threader

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Cordless seems to know no bounds, not according to Milwaukee.

The M18 Pipe Threader is the only battery powered threader on the market that can cut up to 2″ threads on Sch 40 pipe. In an age when pressing technology seems to have eclipsed the need for another pipe threading machine along comes a very capable and extremely useful tool no one, including myself, thought we needed. I was wrong.

First looks

The M18 Fuel Pipe Threader w/ One-Key is one beefy tool as it houses its gearbox in Milwaukee’s typically styled aluminum housing. The bright red cladding extends from mid-body to battery in an ergonomic layout with a comfortable rubber grip and well positioned forward/reverse switch.

The M18 Pipe Threader can cut up to 2″ threads on schedule 40 iron pipe, rigid metal conduit (RMC) and stainless steel. Performance is relative to size of pipe but Milwaukee is boasting 25+ cuts on 2″ and that’s impressive number.

Worth noting

The M18 Pipe Threader has what Milwaukee is calling AUTOSTOP Kickback Control. What that means is the tool can sense a sudden ans severe kickback and shut itself down immediately. I I have only seen this feature under controlled demos but if you’ve ever threaded with other portable threaders, particularly overhead then this feature alone may be the reason to invest. Broken knuckles and property resulting from an power tool mishap are never cool.


M18 Threader Specifications M18 Threader Specifications

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