Brand Building Advice For Service Contractors

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Individual contractors are forced to build their own brands influenced by their specific industry, this can be an intimidating but equally rewarding process.

For small business owners and service contractors, it’s important to not only begin your business adventure but to build your brand. Developing growth for your business can take time, but there are certain things every contractor can implement to take their franchise to the next level. Use these brand building tips to grow your clientele and to create an organization that is trusted by consumers everywhere.

Develop a Unique Brand Name

In order to build a contracting brand that attracts customers, it’s essential to develop a unique brand name. It’s equally as important to create a name that’s different from any pre established contracting business. There are a variety of options that every contractor should consider, no matter the industry.

For starters, coming up with a brand name that can act as an acronym makes it easier for customers to remember. To name a couple, brands like UPS (United Postal Services) or NBC (National Broadcasting Company) are great examples.

A common name tip in the contracting community is to incorporate your name or last name to make it your own, for example *Paul’s Plumbing Company*. Additionally, using a specific nickname can also create a more unique, personalized feel to your brand name without using your original surname.

Another reliable way to create a recognizable brand name is by mashing up industry ideas or words to create a catchy name. For example, Netflix is the combination of “internet” and “flicks”. Depending on your industry, mash up two words that are relatable to your services or you can use a business name generator to help you.

Establish a Budget

After developing your ideal brand name, you’ll want to put your growth ideas into action by establishing a budget. Depending on the size of your business, using your savings for your startup is a reliable way to jumpstart your business, but sometimes it isn’t enough. If you don’t know where to start, there are a couple of financial options that can provide coverage for your business growth.

A reliable funding option that has grown in popularity over the years is online lending. Some reliable online lending companies include LendingClub and Sofi. Online lenders can present a more streamlined application process while also providing lower rates. However, you’ll have to manage the loan online along with addressing any additional needs from the lender after the loan.

Another financial option to consider is a SBA guaranteed loan, the Small Business Administration connects with lenders to guarantee loans for business owners looking for additional capital. In comparison to a small business loan, they take a little longer for approval but have lower interest rates.

If you’re a homeowner, a reliable funding opportunity is to use a home equity loan. This financing option is a safe way to fund all of your business building necessities. An equity loan is provided in a lump sum, while also having a lower interest rate than a credit card or personal loan.

Implement Physical Marketing Tactics

Traditional marketing methods include an array of physical tools that contractors can use to spread their business. Depending on your budget, you can implement a number of useful tools consumers can recognize throughout your community. Here are some tools you can use when trying to build a buzz.

A marketing tool that most businesses use, no matter the industry are posters. Crafting an attractive poster with details including prices, images and services is a considerable way to grow your organization. Posting these posters in local hot spots, like a coffee shop or even a tattoo shop are relevant places to gather the attention of potential customers.

We’ve all seen the use of lawn signs to display a variety of messages over the years. Whether they’re used for voting on an election, or for a high school graduation, using yard signage is a reliable way to advertise locally. In the construction, home improvement, and landscaping communities this tactic has become more prevalent. Like any advertisement, you’ll want to provide your brand name, cell-phone number, as well as the services you provide.

Another physical marketing tactic that stands the test of time is the usage of business cards. These are a fantastic way to connect with potential customers in real life while also giving yourself opportunities to grow your own workforce. Similar to a poster, planting your business cards in high traffic areas throughout your community will gradually increase your consumer outreach.

Utilize a Digital Marketing Plan

An element of marketing that can really separate your business from the rest is by using a digital marketing strategy. Like it or not, we are living in a more digital world and your presence online is fundamental when growing your company. Customers are becoming much more savvy when trying to find the information they need on the internet.

One of the best ways for consumers to find you on the web is by creating and optimizing your website. By building an attractive website that provides news, industry insight and relevant content you can further your outreach.

Another way businesses can build their brand is by creating appealing social media accounts. In the digital age, customers and consumers alike are finding ads or digital flyers on Instagram or Facebook. By creating timely and engaging posts on your social media pages, you can generate a solid customer base on the internet.

One of the most successful strategies for customer engagement is to regularly post marketing content that engages your target audience. It’s simple really, all you need is a connection with an internet provider, a solid digital marketing strategy, social media accounts, resonating content and a decent level of engagement. Remember that your content should resonate with the buyer personas you’re trying to reach, so put yourself in the customer’s shoes and think about content that can funnel them to your website where you can sell your products and services.

If you really want to build a presence on the internet you may find hiring an SEO team or implementing an SEO tactic as being beneficial. SEO stands for (Search Engine Optimization), this means that you’re creating and optimizing relevant content online that will help your website rank higher in Google. If you don’t know where to start, hiring a digital marketing professional can help increase the overall authority of your site.

Create a Positive Reputation

In order to maximize your profit, creating a positive reputation is paramount. When consumers search for contracting services, naturally the companies with the highest reviews and ratings garner the most business. Similar to any industry, the greater the service, the better the reviews, the better your company’s reputation.

One way to achieve positive feedback is by providing quality services to your local customers. Providing proficient services throughout the community is a great way to spread word of mouth while adding new clientele to your business.

It’s equally critical to create a Google Business Profile, while also using Google My Business to your advantage. Much like your digital marketing tactics, you want to create positive impressions online. These days, a lot of consumers use Google search to get a better understanding of what a contracting business has to offer in terms of prices, quality, and efficiency.

Similar to Google reviews, Yelp is another application that consumers can use to gauge what a business offers and how they’ve tended to previous customers. Making sure your Yelp page is up to date with positive feedback and images will contribute to your growth.

When creating your own contracting business, there will always be challenges, but it’s important to use these tactics to your advantage. The quicker the growth, the bigger your brand will become. For additional professional contractor insight visit your friends at the Mechanical Hub for the latest industry updates.

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