Eric Aune

Top Tools of 2016: #7

I like simple tools that solve a problem without over complicating the process. That’s exactly what you get with the Ridgid STRAPLOCK Pipe Handle. The STRAPLOCK pipe handle gives the user a solid grip on plastic pipe (it works for any type of pipe, really) while assembling solvent weld joints. I often work alone and Read More

Top Tools of 2016: #8

My #8 pick for Best Tools of 2016 is “The Original CleanBoot”. Its a neoprene boot cover made to last multiple uses. Other shoe covers can be flimsy, almost dangerously slippery or only made for one use per pair. The Original CleanBoot covers address all of that. These covers go on easily, I wear a Read More

Top Tools of 2016: #9

In the “new to me” category I’ve picked Rothenberger’s RENOL 65008 High-Performance Cutting Oil spray for my number 9 pick. I’ve been using this spray all year in place of an oiler bucket while cutting threads on both black iron and galvanized pipe. We typically have only a few threads to cut and most of Read More

Top Tools of 2016: #10

Taking a look back on 2016 – the new tools & old favorites. My #10 favorite this year would have be the M18 FUEL One-Key recip saw. The One-Key system is a mesh of software and hardware working together to make our jobs easier by wirelessly connecting to a smart phone to customize, track and Read More

Infrared Diagnostics

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