REMS Amigo 22V Threader

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Until about a year ago our only options for portable pipe threading were either the old manual threaders [no thank you] or corded behemoths prone to blow breakers or fuses on site, neither were ideal. Well that’s all changing fast as more and more cordless models are hitting the market.

If you follow us on any of our social channels (IG, Facebook or LinkedIn) you have likely seen multiple videos of me using the Milwaukee M18 threader and now a few of the REMS Amigo 22V tool.

The REMS Amigo is the smallest and lightest of all the cordless power threaders available on the market today but I realize a lot of contractors have little to no idea who REMS Tools is. Based in Germany, REMS started in 1909 and has been the leader throughout Europe in providing purpose built tools for the piping professional. 111 years in the business is impressive and it shows in the Amigo 22V threader.


As I’ve already mentioned, the compact design is significant. As seen in the IG video below I am able to handle the tool very easily with one hand, not something I can say about the Milwaukee or Dewalt threaders.

Second to the size and weight for me is the quality of REMS’ dies. I’ve owned and used RIDGID 12R dies for almost two decades myself and they’re awesome no doubt but the REMS dies just seem to cut smoother and start faster. The dies themselves are slightly more compact too in comparison to the 12R dies size for size.


It’s hard to put this on the con list but when you compare the Amigo with the others its worth noting that it can only thread up to 1″ iron pipe. While the M18 and Dewalt can handle up to 2″ without additional accessories, they offer an advantage for sure. If 1″ size capability is enough for you then this isn’t really a problem.

One more thing to consider of course is batteries. Unless you already have REMS 22V batteries owning this tool is going to add an additional battery and charger platform to the truck. I personally don’t have reservations about having multiple batteries in my daily routine, I’ve done it for years because I know not one company makes the best of each type of tool I need. So for those looking for the best tool that checks all the important boxes adding a new battery won’t be much of a problem.

If you want to find out more about the Amigo 22V threader and the hundreds of other REMS tools check out their US based website here: REMS Tools USA


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