Allie Perez

Operating a business isn’t easy and if it was, everyone would be doing it. We select, crazy few who chose to operate a construction business need to have a few processes and systems in place to ensure success. I’ve outlined the most important five steps to operating a successful construction trade business. 1. Know your Read more

When I reached out to Melanie Aldrich to arrange a time to chat, she responded, “I’ll be home all day with a sick two year old. Call anytime.”  As a new mother, the thought of meeting another female plumber with kids intrigued me. I knew very little about Melanie Aldrich before our first conversation. The Read more

#standwithpeggy has put working pregnant women in the spotlight recently. But what’s all the hype about? Apparently, a UPS Worker was upset because she was informed by her doctor that she would be unable to perform her job duties at work (lifting heavy weights). Instead of offering her different duties to perform, UPS decided to Read more

Hands-free plumbing

You’re in a public restroom. You simply leave the stall and the automatic flush does its job. You proceed to the sink. You search for faucet handles and a soap pump. No handles, no pumps. Wave your hand in front of the sensor to acquire soap and water. You go to dry your hands. Again Read more

Contractors serve Customers. Customers vary from residential homeowners to industrial locations or mobile homes to government contracts. Contractors need to be able to communicate with a bevy of personality and customer types. Even the strongest and most experienced Contractor can still encounter Customer complaints. Below is a list of the most common complaints about Contractors Read more