Allie Perez

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Service Agreements (not contracts, “contract” is a dirty word) have been around about as long as service calls. Viewed as an insurance-type agreement where the customer receives bonuses or perks due to their commitment to your company. Businesses offer an array of services for those customers who opt for participating in a service agreement plan Read more

Whether you’re a one-person operation or have several hundred employees, professionalism is key to a successful contracting business. Your highest revenue stream should be generated from repeat and referral customers. A bad review travels fast, while contractors actually have to work at acquiring good reviews, particularly on the Internet. As Ben Franklin eloquently surmised, “By Read more

If you’re a loyal blog reader, you will notice a common thread among all of the bloggers—we advocate for bringing more people to the trades. As tradespeople and business owners, we experience daily the skilled worker drought amongst the job pool. For every four people that leave the trades, only one person is joining Read more

Contractors in pop culture

It’s no secret that the trades are desperate for skilled workers. Part of the problem in recruiting young people to the trades lies in the manner in which tradespeople are perceived. A select few have made it their mission to update the perception of tradespeople. Mike Rowe’s TV Show “Dirty Jobs” highlights important trades jobs Read more