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I started writing for CONTRACTOR Magazine back in March of this year after making the move from another trade publication to work with the likes of such industry leaders as Bob Mader, Dave Yates, John Mesenbrink, Mark Eatherton and others.

Since day one as a contributing writer I have known I have a lot to learn and turning wrenches will remain my number one source of income for the foreseeable future. I like to write about what I know, the challenges I face as a plumbing & hydronics contractor or my days spent teaching apprentice classes. All of which hits the page as if I were talking directly to you.  More accomplished writers are able to craft a story using their hard earned and highly crafted talents as journalism experts. I, on the other hand, possess nearly none of those talents but hope to some day.

Here is a list of five stories or articles I have read over the last year.  It’s not my top 5; just a list of five readings, in no particular order that I found well worth the time spent reading. I learned something from each and I think you will too.  I have included one of my own; I hope you enjoy them all.

1. Understanding pump pressure that’s available vs. the required pressure Author, Dan Holohan Plumbing & Mechanical magazine (All of Dan’s writing is his best. I have truly enjoyed reading about his experiences and learning from his teachings.)


2. Words Author, John Barba Taco FloPro Team Blog (John has been instrumental in helping me get to where I’m at today. He’s a friend and a mentor. He’s also funny, according to him.)


3. Exploring alternative radiant heating surfaces Author, Mark Eatherton CONTRACTOR Magazine (This is a multi-part series of articles by one of the biggest hydronics brains I know)


4. Lead-free Reality Author, John Mesenbrink (I like this because it is our first look at “Lead-free” without the fluff and tells the story like it is)


5. . Ten Rules for Young Trade Workers to Live By.  Author, Eric Aune CONTRACTOR Magazine


There are so many good reads out there.  I limited this list to only five and hope to share another list soon. In the meantime, please share article you found notable in the comment box below. I and thousands of other Hub visitors are always looking for a good read!

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