Zurn Pex Introduces hy-PE-RTube™

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Zurn Pex, Inc. (Zurn Pex) introduced hy-PE-RTube™, one of the first radiant floor heating solutions in North America leveraging Polyethylene of Raised Temperature Resistance (PE-RT) technology from The Dow Chemical Company (Dow). It is the first product resulting from the strategic collaboration of Dow and Zurn Pex focused on delivering next-generation piping solutions for hot and cold pipe applications.

hy-PE-RTube is produced using DOWLEX™ 2344 resin from Dow, which builds on the traditional benefits of polyethylene. By leveraging both companies’ expertise and technology, this new solution can help greatly improve ease of installation with its flexible design, which allows the pipe to resist recoil and lay flat when installed. In addition, hy-PE-RTube offers excellent high-temperature, corrosion and stress crack resistance and increased flow properties. The product is suitable for other hydronic heating and cooling applications aside from radiant floor heating, such as snow melt applications and turf conditioning.


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