Caleffi offers zone valve webinar

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How Zone Valves Work and Their Applications Webinar

Coffee with Caleffi™, is an online technical training webinar and is intended for contractors, designers and wholesalers.

Caleffi has a family of three unique zone valves. Bob “Hot Rod” Rohr, Caleffi training and education manager, is at the head-of-the-class tomorrow Thursday, March 27 at 12 noon CDT to explain the applications and operations of the zone valve families. Bob will discuss and answer these questions during the one-hour long webinar:

  • What are the different types of zone valves in the market?
  • In what applications might you use a “normally open” valve?
  • Why is differential pressure important? How is it controlled?
  • What should you know about a zone valve’s gear transmission?
  • What does “power-on, power-off” mean? What does “spring return” mean?
  • What is the purpose of an end switch? What is a reed switch design?
  • What are special considerations for chilled water applications?
  • What you should know about open systems? Steam systems?

Looking forward to seeing you at this month’s Coffee with Caleffi webinar: How Zone Valves Work and Their Applications. A Certificate of Participation is provided upon your request (simply say “Yes” in the post-webinar survey).

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