York® Predator™ Ultra High Efficiency Unit

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Johnson Controls has introduced the York® Predator Ultra High Efficiency Packaged Unit. The combination of the unit’s two-stage compressor, variable-frequency drive (VFD), high-efficiency indoor/outdoor coil and premium-efficiency indoor/outdoor motor combine to deliver the highest AHRI-listed efficiencies in the industry and reduced energy use – up to 18.1 SEER and 14.35 EER. A common footprint allows for easy installation on a curb, slab, roof rack or frame. Additional key product features and benefits include:

• Available in cooling and electric/gas heat configurations

• Slide-out blower and motor for easy servicing

• Up to 2.0” ESP – standard belt drive offering allows for higher external static pressure, thus more airflow capability

• ASHRAE 90.1 & 189.1 (2010) Compliant – IntelliSpeed (2-speed) option with IntelliComfort II controls standard

• Lower sound ratings – 75 dB – standard ECM outdoor motors and swept wing fan blades with a steeper pitch

• Premium Efficiency Motors – inverter rated NEMA premium efficiency indoor motors and ECM outdoor motors

• Flexible – ease of commissioning and adjustments in the field with VFD standard

• LEED points – most EA Credit 1 points available

• VFD – each unit comes standard with VFD, providing quiet start-up and two-speed indoor fan operation

• High-efficiency coils – sine wave evaporator and microchannel condenser coils

For more information, visit www.yorkhvacdealer.com.

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