Xylem White Paper Provides Key Findings for Energy and Water Efficiency in Commercial Buildings

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Morton Grove, Ill. — Xylem Inc. announced the release of its new white paper, “A Systems Approach to Energy and Water Efficiency in Commercial Buildings.”

As the name suggests, the white paper focuses on the challenges designers and managers of commercial buildings face today with the ever-increasing demands to improve the energy and water efficiency of their buildings.

As the complexity of building systems continues to increase, the challenge of designing, installing and operating these systems also increases. New building codes continue to raise efficiency standards for new and existing buildings; economic conditions pressure organizations to cut energy costs wherever possible; and new corporate sustainability initiatives require steady efficiency improvements.

In response, architects and specifiers of new commercial buildings, as well as facility managers of existing buildings, are increasingly adopting a new systems approach to energy and water efficiency improvements.

This white paper addresses key cost vs. benefit for a systems approach to designing, installing and operating electrical, mechanical, plumbing and other building components. Additional areas covered include:
• Maximizing Energy and Water Efficiency
• Controlled Success
• Risk vs. Comfort
• Building Codes Drive Changes: ASHRAE code 90.1-2010 and ASHRAE 189.1-2011 sets the bar even higher for greening commercial buildings
• Clear Future
The white paper also addresses the systems approach that is being adopted in the design, procurement, installation, operation and maintenance of buildings. Using a systems approach helps achieve compliance with existing and emergency building codes, maximizes energy and water efficiency, and helps meet corporate sustainability goals while creating comfortable and efficient building environments.

To download the new white paper visit www.bitly.com/XylemSystemsWhitePaper.

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