XOi announces executive hires to drive growth and innovation

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Leon Weiss joins the top data-based solution provider for field service technicians as CFO and Jeff Grisenthwaite is named CPO

XOi Technologies, a leading provider of technician-focused technology solutions, announces the addition of Chief Financial Officer Leon Weiss and Chief Product Officer Jeff Grisenthwaite to the company’s leadership team.

Weiss and Grisenthwaite each bring extensive executive experience in the software industry to XOi as the company continues to transform technology for field service contractors.

“Leon and Jeff bring unique experience and skills that align with XOi’s mission and strategy,” said Aaron Salow, founder and CEO of XOi. “Their visionary leadership is inspiring our team and giving us powerful momentum as we head into 2023.”

XOi Technologies announces the addition of Chief Financial Officer Leon Weiss (left) and Chief Product Officer Jeff Grisenthwaite (right) to the company’s leadership team.

Weiss is an experienced finance leader with a focus on helping fast-growing SaaS companies scale efficiently and sustainably. As XOi’s CFO, he will develop and implement financial and talent development strategies and processes to support the company’s continuing growth and innovation.

“XOi’s success presents unique opportunities in an industry that is experiencing a tremendous amount of changes,” Weiss said. “The foundation of innovation and results that XOi has established positions the company for accelerating growth in the future by reaching more field service professionals and expanding the number of markets we serve.”

Grisenthwaite has more than 20 years of SaaS experience focused on helping companies run more effectively with automation, machine learning, analytics and employee development. As XOi’s CPO, he will oversee product strategy, roadmap and UX design. Key areas of focus include prioritization of new customer segments, expansion of partnerships, and the introduction of new machine learning predictions.

“I’m thrilled to be joining XOi’s focused, passionate team,” Grisenthwaite said. “XOi has distinguished itself by delivering an unparalleled user experience for field technicians. In doing so, the company has unlocked a novel data set to power machine learning insights for service companies. I’m eager to help shape the next phase of growth that will realize a robust ecosystem of value for customers and partners, while always keeping the technicians at the center.”

XOi’s growing suite of cloud-based solutions offers the premier data-cataloging and analytics functionality for field service, giving teams a range of tools for increasing efficiency, accuracy and accountability. Powered by XOi’s standardized workflows, job documentation capabilities, and training and enablement solutions, teams can build deep and easily accessible institutional knowledge bases that support real-time decision-making and data-based continuity. Service teams can apply these extensive data-science capabilities to analyze those foundational elements and strategically respond to evolving data trends and forecasts.

For more information about XOi, visit https://xoi.io.

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