Wrightsoft’s Right-Suite® Design/Sales Tool

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Wrightsoft’s Right-Suite® Universal is the only fully-integrated, ACCA-approved HVAC design and sales solution for both residential and commercial applications. With easy-to-use technology and OEM customizations, it's expandable to meet the business needs of any system designer or installer, whether new construction or replacement.

Right-Suite Universal (RSU) saves time by eliminating mouse clicks and automatically updating all areas of the program instantly.  Whether the project is includes ductwork, hydronic, radiant, or geothermal loop system design, the program calculates loads while accurately designing and sizing the system. 

RSU also produces parts takeoff lists and proposals according to the parts and pricing specified, and prepares professional documentation and reports – all in one program, at the click of a button.  Customizable in-home sales presentations, professional proposals and operating cost analysis are also made easy.

Drawing loads is simplified with Right-Draw®, using drag-and-drop HVAC Shapes.  Built-in video help for any assistance explains the different portions of the program for hassle free use, virtually eliminating any learning curve.  All major ACCA, ASHRAE and HRAI load and duct calculation modules are also available.

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