Wohler Inspection Cameras

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Wohler USA recently added three new visual inspection camera systems to their product line: the VIS 250, VIS 350, and VIS 400. They’ve also introduced a new camera system accessory: the L 200 Locator.

Wohler’s VIS 250 Visual Inspection Camera offers you a clear view when space is tight. You’ll love its flexibility as it easily negotiates bends and turns. Its integrated locator transmitter precisely pinpoints damage and saves you time. This camera is ideal for analyzing household wastewater pipes of 1 1/2″ diameter and larger. It can also be used to inspect dryer vent systems, ventilation lines, hollow spaces (e.g. in front-wall installations), and flue gas lines.

Wohler’s VIS 350 Visual Inspection Camera takes their proven design a step further with new features. The home function helps you maintain your sense of orientation when troubleshooting and the position of the camera head is indicated on a vibrant display. The VIS 350 covers a wide range of applications. Use its pan-and-tilt camera head to inspect wastewater lines, house connections, flue gas systems, ventilation lines, false ceilings, and more. The VIS 350 also comes equipped with two rechargeable batteries, giving you greater mobility when on the job.

Wohler’s VIS 400 Visual Inspection Camera is perfect for inspecting while you are on a roof. Weighing in at just 3 lbs, it is compact and easy to use. And its pan-and-tilt camera head provides an all-encompassing view. It also comes with a carry strap and pouch with anti-glare protection. The VIS 400 is part of a modular system so you can choose individual components to meet your specific needs. It can be used to inspect flue gas systems, chimneys, building drains, house connections, ventilation systems, and more.

Documenting an inspection has never been easier. You can take still photos and stream video with the VIS 250, VIS 350, and VIS 400. And all of these new cameras have three recording features: USB, VHS, and an SD card.

Take your inspections to the next level with Wohler’s L 200 Locator. It works with Wohler’s visual inspection camera systems to help you target trouble spots from above – even through asphalt and concrete. The L 200 locates radio signals transmitted by the camera head and rapidly pinpoints damage. Its color display and telescopic pole make it easy to use. And its built-in chalk holder will help you mark the position where damage is found.

Visit www.wohlerusa.com to learn more about their new camera systems and accessories.

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