What are the Benefits of LOTO Tags?

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When working on heavy equipment within a facility, ensuring the safety of everybody is very effective. Using LOTO tags can actually contribute when it comes to protecting people within an area that is prone to danger. If you are not familiar with these tags or simply want to know more information about them, we highly recommend that you read today’s post. Here, you will be able to see the benefits of using a LOTO tag.

But before that, let’s first take a look…

What is A LOTO Tag?

A LOTO tag or lockout/tagout tag is available in many different designs. By simply choosing the best one that suits your facility the most, you can guarantee that they will be recognized with ease. However, when you are choosing any design it is best that you opt for a single design all the time to prevent confusion within your facility.

A LOTO tag, on the other hand, is rectangular in shape and comes with a hold that can be utilized in order to fasten it on the lock. Usually, the tag is white in color that has either a black and/or white print. The text indicated in the tags should tell the people in the facility there’s danger present and they shouldn’t be eliminated. They are also used to warn workers not to operate the machine. Moreover, some LOTO tags come with plenty of lines in which the operator can write further information regarding why the LOTO procedure is implemented.

The 7 Benefits of LOTO Tags

The following are the benefits of using a LOTO tag that you and others may not know yet.

  1. Without a LOTO tag in place, workers and other people within the facility may not be aware of potential danger.
  2. This can be used as a last line of defense when a potentially hazardous mistake happens.
  3. A LOTO tag can improve safety by accurately and clearly stating that certain equipment or machines may pose threat when handled improperly.
  4. It can offer detailed and clear instructions on how to follow a lockout procedure.
  5. These tags come in handy in circumstances where energy-isolation devices can’t be locked out physically.
  6. They also provide important information like who approved the lockout, the reasons, as well as the current status and date.
  7. Some LOTO tags come with symbols that are easy to understand. So, having such a tag can convey danger powerfully and quickly especially for those who don’t speak or understand English or can’t read small prints.


As you can see a LOTO tag can offer a lot of benefits. However, if you’re planning to use these tags within your facility which is a must make sure to use ones that are in compliance with the regulations of OSHA. Also, they should be sturdy and durable enough to endure harsh conditions in your workplace and able to prevent accidental removal. Aside from that, your tags should be removed with ease when the work cycle is done. Nonetheless, aside from using a LOTO tag, there are more ways that you can do to lessen accidents in your workplace.

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