Webinar: Beyond Lithium Ion

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Lithium ion batteries will be the world leader in advanced battery chemistries over the next decade, as they come to dominate the stationary energy storage, automotive, and portable power markets.  However, the race is already underway to develop the chemistry that will succeed Li-ion in the decades to come. This webinar will cover emerging battery chemistries, including lithium sulfur, lithium air, ultracapacitors, magnesium ion, zinc air, and others.

Featuring principal research analyst Sam Jaffe, this Navigant Research Webinar will explore the strengths and weaknesses of these future battery chemistries, including how they measure up to specifications required for various applications, including automotive traction and stop-start, stationary energy storage, wearable computing devices, tablets, smartphones, and power tools. The webinar will also explore the potential market size and forecasts for each of the technologies, and provide a clear examination of the changing market landscape for advanced batteries in the coming years.

Key Topics:
Battery technology
Battery economics
Battery deployment strategies
Stationary energy storage deployment strategies
Automotive battery strategies
Market landscape for advanced batteries
Beyond Lithium Ion
Next Generation Battery Technologies
Tuesday, May 6
2:00 p.m. EDT


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