Watts Water Technologies Updates Lead Free Website

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North Andover, Mass. — Watts Water Technologies has updated its WeAreLeadFree.net website with helpful information about the new federal Lead Free* law.  The updated site includes in-depth information on both state and national Lead Free* laws, a guide for distributors and industry professionals on making the change and other helpful resources.  It also includes testimonials from customers in Vermont who made the change to Lead Free* plumbing in 2010.

The WeAreLeadFree.net website has been a resource on Lead Free* plumbing since launching in 2009 to support the California and Vermont Lead Free* changeover.  Visitors to the updated site can learn about the most recent Lead Free* news and can also download Watts Waters’ “Preparing for Lead Free* Compliance” white paper. This website provides a wealth of information for making the switch to Lead Free* plumbing and can be viewed at http://www.WeAreLeadFree.net/

* Lead Free: The wetted surface of our Lead Free products contacted by consumable water contain less than 0.25% of lead by weight.

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