Watts to Award Backflow Tester Certification Scholarships

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As part of National Backflow Prevention Day on August 16, Watts managers have announced that they will award 10 scholarships to licensed plumbers in the United States seeking to get their initial backflow tester certification.

Each scholarship will cover the cost of the backflow certification course(s) and exam. Recipients will also receive a free one-year subscription to Syncta™ backflow test management software.

“Our goal is to support skill building and growth within the plumbing and backflow testing industries and, more broadly, support the trades,” said Watts Marketing Manager Danielle Swanson. “We are getting behind the plumbers/testers who are new to the field and who will be tomorrow’s unsung heroes of water safety.”

For more information about the Backflow Tester Certification Scholarships and how to apply, go to https://www.watts.com/bts.

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