Watts Introduces Watts ArmorTek™ Advanced Coating System for ACVs  

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Watts introduces the ArmorTek™ advanced coating system for ACVs.  With an 8-year Microbiologically Induced Corrosion (MIC) warranty, this advanced patent pending technology is now available on Watts Classic and Mustang valves, providing three layers of protection to create an effective barrier, dramatically increasing resistance to corrosion.

Watts ArmorTek includes:

  1. An Anti-corrosion primer containing an electrochemical corrosion inhibitor that significantly slows the spread of corrosion should the metal substrate become exposed from wear or impact.
  2. A Microbial inhibitor which curbs the growth of bacteria that causes microbial-induced corrosion or MIC. This further slows the spread of corrosion and limits the growth of tubercles that can clog or foul downstream equipment.
  3. A Robust topcoat specially designed to bond to the primer below, providing a high-strength barrier between the iron substrate and water.

For more information, visit Watts.com/ArmorTek.

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