Warwood Tool’s New Pulaski Axe

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An Axe to Chop Trees, Dig Dirt and Much More

For nearly 170 years, Warwood Tool has forged the tools that have helped build America. The company’s sledges, hammers, chisels, mauls, and more have been the choice of hard-working people who rely on their tools to get the job done. Continuing that prized legacy, Warwood Tool’s Pulaski Axe has been called “the supreme fire tool” since 1911 when it was developed by the legendary U.S. Forest Service ranger and firefighter, Ed Pulaski. Now nearly synonymous with wildland firefighting, the Pulaski Axe is equally adept at chopping trees and wood and digging in hard or root-bound dirt, making it the right choice for anyone needing a reliable and top-quality axe.

“At Warwood Tool, we could not be prouder of the effort and care we put into forging each and every tool we make, just like this company has been doing for almost 170 years,” said Chris Azur, president. “And our Pulaski Axe is a particular point of pride for us. We know that it is a prized tool, not only for firefighters, but also for homeowners, farmers, landscapers, and others.  It is an axe built with pride and designed to last for our hard-working customers.”

The Pulaski Axe combines an axe on one end of the head and a mattock blade on the other. Adhering to the time-honored Forest Service specifications, the Pulaski Axe is designed with a 3-3/4 lb. head and an overall head length of 13”.  Made with a drop-forged, carbon steel head and a 36” American Hickory handle, the axe is finished with a classic black paint. And unlike many imports and lesser alternatives, the head of the Pulaski Axe is not simply “twisted” 90 degrees to form the mattock end. Warwood Tool takes pride in hand-forging the Pulaski Axe from U.S.-sourced steel in the same way all Warwood tools have been made since 1854.

Warwood Tool Pulaski Axe – MSRP – $100.00

For more information:  Pulaski Axe | Warwood Tool

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