Viega’s PEX resin production moves

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Viega streamlines vertically integrated PEX tubing production, adding resin production to McPherson, Kan. manufacturing and distribution campus.

Wichita. Kan. — Viega moved production of PEX resin used in the manufacturing of its ViegaPEX Ultra tubing for plumbing systems to its McPherson, Kan. manufacturing and distribution center.

By centralizing the PEX tubing manufacturing process in McPherson, Viega is better able to monitor its PEX products for quality, improve product innovations, as well as better integrate sustainability practices in production. Viega became the first manufacturer to quality control PEX tubing from raw material through finished product nearly two years ago.


“We’re now able to monitor the materials more closely and make innovations much faster,” said David Perciful, director of quality assurance at Viega. “We work with thousands of pounds of materials each day for PEX tubing production here in McPherson with a close eye on quality, providing the PEX tubing that exceeds our customers’ expectations.”

The ViegaPEX Ultra tubing produced in the vertically integrated McPherson facility include the standard blue, red, white and black ViegaPEX tubing as well as the purple ViegaPEX tubing for reclaimed water that was introduced in February.

The PEX resin processes were previously completed at a more than 70,000-square-foot facility in Georgia and were consolidated into a 10,000-square-foot space at its existing McPherson facility. This eliminates the need for additional packaging and shipping, which reduces the overall environmental impact and carbon footprint of its PEX production.

ViegaPEX Ultra tubing, which offers the highest industry ratings for UV exposure and chlorine resistance, is extruded from Viega’s own resin. This step creates higher quality product that will provide excellent performance and offers increased flexibility compared to tubing made from third-party resins. ViegaPEX Ultra tubing can withstand up to six months of exposure to sunlight without damaging its performance.

The increased flexibility of Viega’s PEX tubing helps installers reduce labor costs and minimize materials costs by needing fewer fittings. This also decreases the potential for leak points in a plumbing system.

Viega has a heritage of manufacturing excellent high-performance products and innovative concepts such as its PEX solutions which include ViegaPEX Ultra tubing, Viega ManaBloc and Viega PEX Press fittings.

About Viega:
The Viega Group, with a tradition of innovation for more than 115 years, has more than 4,000 employees worldwide and is among the leading manufacturers of pipe fitting installation technology. In metal press systems for industrial, commercial and residential projects, the company is the global market leader. In the U.S., Viega LLC employs nearly 500 people and offers more than 3,000 products. These include Viega ProPress for copper and stainless, Viega MegaPress for black iron pipe and Viega PEX Press systems in Zero Lead bronze and high-performance polymer. Viega also specializes in the design, production and installation of ProRadiant™ heating and cooling systems. For more information, visit

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