Viega Venturi press inserts

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Viega_VenturiVenturi press inserts from Viega help maintain water quality by reducing stagnation to seldom-used fixtures. Viega Venturi press inserts are used with Viega ProPress® tees. When water flows through Viega Venturi press inserts, the flow velocity increases, resulting in a local low pressure region. The low pressure area at the outlet of the Venturi press insert induces flow through a remote loop, reducing stagnation with a minimal overall pressure drop.

Venturi inserts can either be installed vertically or horizontally, as well as on hot or cold water systems, between Viega ProPress tees with the Viega SmartConnect® feature. The inserts are ideal for reducing stagnation to seldom-used, individual fixtures.

“The new Venturi press inserts are as fast and easy to install as Viega’s other press products,” said Derek Bower, product director, metal systems, Viega. “The new press inserts provide designers with a product solution to reduce stagnation in commercial plumbing systems.” Venturi inserts are constructed from Zero Lead™ bronze and will be available in 1 ¼-, 1 ½- and 2-inch sizes.

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