Viega ProPress® Zero Lead™ Ball Valves

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Viega_ZL_Ball_ValvesViega introduces a new line of Viega ProPress® Zero Lead™ ball valves for Viega ProPress systems. Only Viega offers a line of press ball valves manufactured from material specifically designed for lead-free press systems. Made from Viega’s unique silicon-bronze alloy, engineered for press technology, these ball valves provide the same quality, reliability and performance as all Viega press fittings. The patented Viega Smart Connect® feature helps installers easily identify unpressed fittings during pressure testing. Certified to ASME A112.4-2004 and NSF-61G in sizes from ½- to 2-inches, Viega ProPress Zero Lead ball valves are suitable for use with Viega ProPress fittings in copper for potable water applications. The 316 stainless steel ball is a standard feature of the new Viega ProPress Zero Lead ball valves. Installers have a choice of stems in the press x press configuration ball valves, either Eco Brass® or 316 stainless steel.

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