Viega Continues North American Manufacturing Investment with New MegaPress Equipment

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Featuring first-of-its-kind technology in the U.S., the combined investment is over $16m for new equipment’

Viega is continuing its investments in North American manufacturing, installing equipment that is a first in North America for Viega. Viega is installing new MegaPress® Laser Welding and Smart Connect® machining in McPherson, Kansas that welds components together to make complete fittings. Representing an investment of $4.1 million, the equipment is undergoing machine certification before being put into production in early summer 2024.

“We have only ever used this technology in Germany,” said Viega COO, Marki Huston. “We sent employees to Germany to train for more than six months on how to run the equipment. The demand for MegaPress products continues to grow and having this new equipment enables us to supply our customers more quickly.”

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The company also announced it will be manufacturing MegaPress fittings in sizes 2-1/2″ to 4″ in McPherson, Kansas. The equipment needed to manufacture these products represents an additional $12.5 million investment in the McPherson facility. “With the continued growth of MegaPress products used in North America, we will be able to manufacture them here in the U.S. sustainably and get them toour customers faster,” said Huston. Both sets of equipment are currently being installed and tested. Production is scheduled to start on July 1, 2024.

Viega has sold over 22 million MegaPress fittings since introducing the product in 2012. “MegaPress is one of the lines that is projected to grow the most in the U.S.,” said Nathan Berkowitz, VP of Field Sales for Viega. “Just last year, we invested $14 million in our ProPress® equipment for our McPherson facility. The demand for both products speaks to their quality and the number of contractors and service professionals now using press technology.”