Victualic FireLock EZ Style 009N Rigid Coupling

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The Style 009N is part of Victaulic’s installation-ready product line and platform and has all the same time-saving benefits of the Style 009H, plus more. The Style 009N Rigid Coupling’s improved design includes:

• Optimized housing design to reduce installation effort
• Nylon-patched fastener design so there is no need to disassemble housings for installation
• Full vacuum service for both wet and dry applications
• Metal-to-metal bolt pad connection providing visual confirmation of proper installation
• Center lip gasket assures proper pipe positioning at center of joint

As Style 009H inventory reduces, the Style 009N Rigid Coupling will become the standard Victaulic fire protection solution in pipe sizes 1 ¼ – 4 inches/32-100mm up to 365 psi/25 bar.

The FireLock EZ Style 009N Rigid Coupling is currently only available in North America.

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