UV Select Sizing App from UV Resources

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UVR-Website-Lamp-Quote-Request-2Designed for HVAC contractors and building engineers, UV Resources has launched a free downloadable app designed to help anyone properly size and source fixtures for UV-C applications.

The easy-to-use UV Select™ sizing App (available for both Android and IOS systems) uses project specific measurements to generate UV-C fixturing recommendations that best comply with ASHRAE guidelines for Ultraviolet Surface Treatment.

Just simply input the height and width of an air handler’s coil and plenum, and the UV Resources UV Select App calculates the appropriate requirements and cost. In its 2011 ASHRAE Handbook, Applications, Chapter 60.8, ASHRAE Technical Committee, TC2.9, established minimum irradiation levels and, according to Jones, this App generates a product selection that ensures the project complies properly with ASHRAEs guidelines.

“Traditionally, how to properly size HVAC UV-C systems has been a mystery to many contractors, facility engineers and end users, however this app offers a simple and quantitative approach to system sizing,” says Jones. “UV Resources personnel were among the first to develop modern HVAC sizing and performance software for UV-C applications, so it’s only natural that we’re the industry’s first to develop a convenient mobile sizing app.

An added feature in the UV Select App is the ability to request a quote for most any replacement UV-C lamp by simply inputting information about the lamp and pressing a button. The new App makes sourcing replacement lamps at the industry’s lowest prices easier than ever.


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