T&S Brass ChekPoint® additions

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EC-3132 and EC-3130 group RGBT&S Brass announces 12 additions to its ChekPoint® product line. Base models EC-3130 and EC-3132 are single-hole, above-deck electronic (ADE) sensor faucets that offer easy installation, control and maintenance, as well as significant long-term water and energy savings. Constructed from heavy-duty brass, with a 2.2 GPM flow rate and vandal-resistant aerators and external fasteners, other standard features of these high quality commercial faucets include:

• 1 year no-hassle warranty
• Swivel gooseneck with rigid conversion lock washer included (EC-3130 series)
• 6 V lithium battery included along with 12 ft. (3.66 m) plug-in wall transformer with split-tail
• Three additional power options available, including factory-installed hydro-generator, hardwiring or easywiring (both allowing up to 8 units ganged together)
• Point-of-use temperature control mixing handle w/color-coded index
• Temperature mixing handle may be removed & replaced with plug to allow temperature preset
• Programmable auto time-out, water shut-off delay and auto-flush functions
• Integral filter screens to prevent particles from damaging faucet or solenoid valves
• Stainless steel flexible supply lines with integral check valves to prevent back flow and water contamination
• Check valve adapters with 3/8” compression inlets
• Anti-rotation pins on base units
• Many other options

For more information, please see the complete ChekPoint product brochure at http://bit.ly/chekpoint or visit www.TSBrass.com.

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