T&S Brass above-deck electronic sensor faucet

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The EC-3122 is the newest above-deck electronic sensor faucet model in T&S’s popular ChekPoint™ sensor faucet line. The faucet recently won a New Product Innovation Award from ASPE. Combined with a hydrogenerator which allows the faucet to power itself, the EC-3122-HG saves water and energy through significant features such as a water shut-off delay, auto timeout, sensor range adjustability and auto flush. Other special features include a manual mixing valve built into the faucet body itself, above-deck electronics and programmable controls, and a vandal-resistant aerator that flows at a rate of 2.2 gpm. The EC-3122 comes standard with AC (plug-in wall transformer with a split tail) and DC (four AA batteries) power options and the ability to gang up to eight units. Options include the hydrogenerator, as well as lower-flow aerators. tsbrass.com

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