Trinity TX Condensing Boiler

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NTI's latest evolution in high efficiency condensing boilers supplies the market with models ranging from 46,000 to 151,000 BTU/HR. The TX is a fully modulating boiler with a 5:1 turndown and features a patented Ferritic stainless steel heat exchanger. This Boiler offers many great benefits such as the elimination of the air proving switch and the ability to draw combustion air from inside the building.

Boiler Features:
* Built and certified as a heating boiler
* Pre-wired for use with indirect water heater
* High efficiency stainless steel heat exchanger
* All components are quick release type
* Easy wire connection strip
* Fully packaged and wired assembly
* Auto air vent
* Three pump outputs
* 120V power receptacle

*2″ Venting

Control Features:

* Full automatic modulation
* Outdoor reset
* Lead-Lag compatible
* Low pressure cutoff
* Easy programmable display
* OD reset boost feature
* Warm weather shutdown (WWSD)* Compatible with indirect tank sensor
* Diagnostic Logging


Combi Application:
*Low loss header manifold (primary loop)
* Internal primary circulator
* All components are quick connecting for servicing
 *Fully integrated plumbing
* DHW heat exchanger
* DHW flow sensor
* Flow diverter valve
* Gives DHW priority and preheating
* Modulation to DHW temperature
* Electronic tempering
Eco/comfort mode option for DHW

For more information visit NY Thermal's website by clicking here.

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