Terreon® Deep Well Lavatory

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Bradley’s Deep Well Lavatory utilizes a molded single piece design featuring integral extra height splashes to help contain water, minimizing slips, falls and messes, making it particularly ideal for health care and sanitation applications.  In addition, basin ledges are pitched toward the center of the bowl to minimize puddling, while the basin bottom contours in the direction of the drain to encourage quick drainage of water.  Less standing water means less chance of dirt, germs and bacteria congregating in the bottom of the basin. 

The Terreon Deep Well Lavatory can be equipped with factory supplied drillings or deck mounted faucets.  The unit features molded carrier arm pockets on the underside of the lavatory designed to accept an optional surface mounted bracket by Bradley or an in-wall carrier by others.  Interior basin dimensions are 17″ x 13.5″ x 10″ deep.

Bradley Corp., has received a 2013 Top Products Award from Building Operating Management magazine for its Terreon® Deep Well Lavatory, which features an exclusive design to minimize splashing outside the basin.  The Top Products Awards recognize the most popular manufacturers and suppliers of the year, as determined by building and facility executives who participated in a national survey.

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