Temperature and Ambience Optimizer (TAO)

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The Temperature and Ambience Optimizer (TAO) from Titus HVAC is notable for its hybrid design that blends the best attributes and features of multiple systems into one, taking advantage of the displacement, chilled beam and radiation principles. Designed for use in educational facilities and theaters, TAO will address and minimize high ventilation loads and correct inefficient and “sick” buildings to improve the interior environment. It allows the supply of 100 percent outside air, operates at a near-minimum ventilation rate for classrooms and reduces energy consumption by using cooling and heating coils. According to Titus HVAC, the design enables TAO to provide a higher level of thermal comfort in the space, which leads to improved student and teacher productivity, reduction of health problems, increased attendance and overall increased satisfaction. The product works by finding the best path for a balanced and healthy environment by providing the appropriate proportion of heating or cooling to the perimeter wall and internal part of the occupied zone, managing the majority of room load. At the same time, the unit maintains the necessary displacement ventilation, humidity control and temperature level of the room. High indoor air quality is achieved by using the displacement ventilation strategy that does not allow for the mixing of contaminants, keeping CO2 levels at a minimum. 


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