Tekmar Zoning with RoomResponse

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Tekmar Zone Valve Controls 304V/306V and Switching Relays 304P/306P include all the zone wiring features you need plus added comfort and efficiency provided by the RoomResponse™ signal.

During milder conditions and times when heat is added through indoor activity, appliance operation and solar gain, the RoomResponse™ signal requests a lower boiler temperature to use less energy.

Controlling the boiler temperature also enhances comfort through reduced temperature swings. Traditional systems that combine on/off control with high boiler temperatures miss out on these benefits.

  • Compatible with ANY brand of low voltage thermostat, including power stealing and WiFi
  • Unlimited expansion
  • Optional priority for DHW with override
  • Pump exercising
  • Top, bottom and back conduit knockouts
  • Indicator LED for each zone, priority, end switch
  • Built-in field replaceable transformer with 2 spare fuses
  • 3-year warranty

To learn more visit tekmarControls.com

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