Don’t Let a Washing Machine Leak Dampen Your Customers’ Day Help protect homes and businesses from catastrophic water damage with the IntelliFlow, the Automatic Washing Machine Shutoff Valve from Watts. A burst washing machine hose can discharge 500 gallons of water in one hour, costing thousands of dollars in preventable damage. IntelliFlow installs easily, constantly Read more

According to the EPA, residential leaks—not including commercial water leakage in this country—wastes nearly 1 trillion gallons of water annually. It’s a widespread problem. Not long ago, Washington Post journalists wrote about a guy, Sam, who went to his rural vacation home south of Chicago.  Following a long winter, he found the entire basement flooded with Read more

  Watts has announced “Improving Building Safety & Occupant Comfort: Efficient Floor Warming & Snow Melting ‎Solutions” an AIA-accredited webinar worth 1 LU|HSW CEU. On Tuesday, June 20th at 12 p.m. ET, participants will learn about how radiant floor warming and snow melting solutions can improve occupant health, safety, and comfortability. These comfort solutions not Read more

If you’ve ever been called to a job with flooding, you know the havoc water damage can wreak. From cleaning the mess, to mold remediation, to fighting with insurance companies, to the long timeline of replace and repair, water damage is a nightmare we’d all save our clients from if we could. And it turns Read more

The illnesses, shutdowns, and disruptions caused by Legionella in building plumbing systems are a constant risk to building inhabitants. To learn more about these threats, participants can enroll in Watts’ comprehensive 8-module course, Mitigating the Risk of Legionella, available exclusively on Watts Works Online or by visiting training.watts.com. This highly informative 2.5 hour course is Read more