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Mechanical Hub recently talked with Rich Camacho, CEO, Blue Recruit, about the hiring of qualified candidates to potential trade jobs. Blue Recruit is a company that provides skilled workers with a revolutionary path to success. While that mission is straightforward, reaching that goal requires tremendous collaboration between industry, educational systems and supporting organizations. Here is Read more

Becoming an electrician is an excellent career move for anyone who has a passion for solving problems, enjoys working with their hands and doesn’t mind being covered in grease on a daily basis. It’s skilled work and in high demand, so getting started as an electrician should be more accessible than ever, right? Maybe not Read more

The industry’s first blogosphere for the perpetually satirical Austin, Texas—Local guidance counselor Miranda Bolton was lauded by top school executives for her work in pushing students toward colleges and universities. Bolton, an eight-year veteran of West Austin High School, works with high school students to help pave their career path. “Miranda Bolton excels in ‘toeing Read more

When it comes to new piping technologies that some say are ‘degrading’ the trade, is it the product that’s causing a reduction in skilled labor? Or is it the lack of skilled labor that’s moving the plumbing and heating industry towards faster, simpler products? I’ll admit, when I was first handed a piece of PEX Read more

Over half of America’s skilled trade employees are nearing retirement age and fewer men and women are being prepared to take their places. To address the shortage of skilled laborers, the Copper Development Association (CDA) sponsored the copper piping portion of the annual the United Association (UA) Competition and Instructor Training Program in Ann Arbor Read more