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How Sam Wyatt with Protec Industrial uilized RLS press fittings to deliver high quality work, win more jobs and increase efficiency, profits. The knowledge of how to service, install and operate HVACR systems is a science. In theory, HVACR systems often rely on the similar basic components and fundamental concepts from one project to another Read more

There seems to be some confusion in the HVAC/R industry right now about press fittings. So RLS – manufacturer of the original RLS (Rapid Locking System) press fittings that were first sold under the ZoomLock brand name – wants to set the record straight. While you can’t always trust what you hear, you can always Read more

Shamrock Plumbing in North Salt Lake, Utah, is currently finishing up a large apartment complex, Soleil apartments, in Bluffdale. It’s a 100 percent solar complex with no gas. There are about 600 units in the entire complex, broken into buildings of 24 to 48 apartments. Sanders said there is a 2″ PEX line into each building to Read more

NIBCO INC. launches PressACRTM fittings, a joining method designed for use in copper tube systems for air conditioning and refrigeration applications. PressACR is approved for use with a wide range of refrigerants and lubricants and creates a safer installation as there is no flame or fire hazard with press technology. NIBCO PressACR fittings are UL Read more

Viega MegaPress XL® is the only press fitting system for 2 ½” to 4″ diameter carbon steel pipe. Installed using the Viega MegaPress XL PressBooster, the system is suitable for use with Schedule 10 to Schedule 40 carbon steel pipe and approved for more applications than any other carbon steel press fitting system. On average, MegaPress XL makes Read more