By Mike Fowler, Application Specialist – Kano Laboratories  In most industrial settings there are tools and equipment caked in oils and grease that needs to be removed. The contaminants build up and can quickly damage different types of equipment and surfaces. Grease and oily build up need to be cleaned away to remove and work on Read more

Oil. We all use it in one way or another, but oil isn’t just a useful fuel used to cooking or fueling our vehicles. It is a high-demand global commodity that can have a major economic impact based on two things: Supply and demand, and market sentiment. In fact, we just had a taste of Read more

Energy Kinetics’ 90+ Resolute Boiler can be chimney vented with 3″ flexible polypropylene for quicker, easier, and less expensive installations than stainless steel liners.  The 90+ Resolute is a non-condensing heat and hot water system up to 91 AFUE, and it’s oil or gas fired providing long term fuel flexibility.  The 3″ flexible liner is really the Read more

MA Oilburner Code Class – 4 Hours – 2 Sessions (am-pm) April 1, 2015 NEWTON, MA MA Oilburner Code Class – 4 Hours – 2 Sessions (am-pm) April 7, 2015 HINGHAM, MA MA Oilburner Code Class – 4 Hours – 2 Sessions (am-pm) April 8, 2015 HYANNIS, MA MA Oilburner License Class – 4 Hours Read more

Join OESP, the National Association of Oil and Energy Service Professionals, for their 61st Annual Convention & Trade Show from May 17-21, 2015 at Hershey® Lodge in Hershey, PA. This will be OESP Executive Director Judy Garber’s final Convention and will feature an impressive education program, as well as networking and charitable events. The Association Read more